Karapınar farm is located in Vaysal Village, 44 km north of Edirne province, 17 km from Lalapaşa district. Vaysal is the border village with Bulgaria. The economy of Vaysal, a Balkan village, is based on agriculture and animal husbandry.

According to the Ottoman Archives of the Prime Ministry, Karapinar farm was given by II. Mahmut to Dagdeviren family in exchange for sipahi collecting and horse rearing. In 1812, II. Mahmut decided to eliminate lawndowners beacu. Ahmet ve Mehmet Agha were executed after the pilgrimage return. The farm was confiscated in 1818.

The farm, which was put up for sale in 1820, was purchased by Hacı Mehmet Kamil Agha, who is Ahmet Agha’s son, for 3.350 kurus and 65 kurus is given to the treasury as a tax. The sale of the farm was approved by II. Mahmut.

To buy wood and trees in Thrace, the villagers were coming to Karapinar Farm, which is 106.000 acres in size including 90.000 acres in Turkey and 16.000 acres in Bulgaria.

In Karapınar, animal husbandry was also carried out and during the winter months, shelters were rented to an ethnic group called ‘Karakaçanlar’ who lived in the Balkans with nomadic livestock.

With the successful management of Şevket Bey, Karapınar has been an important source of income for the Dağdeviren Family.

Sevket Dagdeviren

Mustafa Şevket Dağdeviren is a Turkish politician born in Edirne.

He published the newspaper Yeni Edirne, which was published between 1906-1913. He was the Mayor of Edirne between 1918-1920. He was one of the founders of the Trakya Pashaeli Defense of Rights Society, which was established after the workforce after the First World War.

His Life

Mustafa Şevket Bey, who was the son of Dağdevirenzade Arif Bey and Hacı Ayşe Hanım, one of Edirne’s prominent and wealthy families, was born in Edirne in 1863.

On August 29, 1882, he was awarded the 4th degree Ottoman order, on February 13, 1884, he was promoted to the third degree and on March 22, 1886 to the 2nd degree. On February 27, 1888, he received the order of Nişan-i Osmani and the 4th degree Mecîdi. On January 21, 1890, his rank was raised and became the Rank-i Second Class. He was appointed as the district governor of Uzunköprü on April 15, 1890. 

Şevket Bey, who was brought to the Directorate of the Provincial Printing House on February 17, 1891, ordered new technology lithography and printing machines from France and took these machines from Alexandroupolis in June 1895 and brought them to Edirne, so that the printing house was rearranged and modernized. Şevket Bey published Edirne Yearbooks (Provincial Annuals) and Edirne Newspaper.  Please click here to continue.

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